Litigation and Libel!

Libel and Litigation!

I want to help my past Clients and new Clients realize the importance of protecting yourself. Not from the harms of mould, leaky basements, shoddy electrical work, multiple layers of shingles or an inoperative sump pump. I want to pontificate today, on the likelihood of being the subject of libel. Libel and slander differ in a way that libel is directed at a party by way of the written word. The internet or web is a spectacular invention for information. Not only is the internet used for information but, entertainment as well. You Tube, online live video, detailed web pages with boundless capabilities. The web is growing in a way that no person could have predicted twenty years ago. Generation X people like myself were amazed at the disappearance of the record album and the typewriter (remember those items?)

Presently though consumers and business owners now have to deal with the downside of the internet. Competition is a great method of putting your company at the top of the heap by outperforming your competitors. Years of exceptional work ethic and Client relationships can be tarnished by unavoidable libel remarks posted by inferior business practices.

Let me explain a little further if I may. The search engine Google has an area that is utilized as a business review. It is simply Google Reviews it is a place where previous/present Clients can post comments in dealing with a specific business. However, I have recently been a victim of libel on this particular utility. A competitor in the Home Inspection business has found it necessary to post libelous comments in regards to my Clients posting nice comments about Binder Home Inspections. This person has found the need to state that these comments were fabricated by Binder Home Inspections and posted. Clients of Binder Home Inspections posted these comments by taking their own personal time and giving a good word to support my company. I would like to apologize to all of my Clients who did take the time to post these comments and promote Binder Home Inspection. However since this party felt that the comments were fabricated I had to have my ad agency out of New York, remove them. The ad agency posted these comments and the libelous party felt that they were fabricated. Sorry to all involved.

In closing, I find it necessary to warn all business owners, Clients, customers, and competitors that it is necessary to be aware of these practices. I am going to weasel this competitor out, along with a fellow Home Inspector there will be litigation proceedings. I want this person to come forward and dare to identify themselves. I apologize for not posting my monthly blog in regards to the business. However, Binder Home Inspections felt the need to defend itself of these libelous comments. Our helpful hints will return next month! Binder Home Inspections will continue to strive to remain the leader in the Home Inspection field. Thank you, John Binder – Binder Home Inspections.