Pre-Inspection – The smart way to go.

Get Your Pre-Inspection Now!

It’s the season folks, to start thinking about next season. For all of you who are thinking of selling their homes in the spring now is the time for a Pre-Inspection Home Inspection. You might be wondering what does this service provide for me? Binder Home Inspections will provide a full report and inspection as if you were buying a home for yourself.

This will give you the value of having the potential deficiencies in your home pointed out, before someone else points them out for you. The inspection will provide you with valuable information to upgrade your home to make it a simple inspection for your potential buyers. You will not have to worry about the inspector coming to your house after Binder Home Inspections evaluates your home.

BHI will evaluate the following categories of your home – Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/Cooling, Structure, Landscaping, Water Shed, and Insulation. These are the staples that a probable home inspector will evaluate while on your premises. I say probable since it is not yet mandatory to have a home inspection completed. However many lending institutions are making it mandatory. A smart home buyer, your potential client will most likely utilize the services of a Professional Home Inspector. Would it not be advantageous to have the comfort of feeling you have done your due diligence in upgrading these possible deficiencies.

If you have any questions regarding this blog, please feel free to contact Binder Home Inspections and ask for John! Putting the Client #1 is always our motto…If you mention this ad, I will mark you down for my Friends and Family rate of $275.00 a $25.00 savings to you. Additionally, for the home you will purchase after your sale goes through. I will extend the Friend and Family rate to you for the home your family will live in. Binder Home Inspections will always be by your side. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From John @ Binder Home Inspections. or call 519-995-2067 or email talk to you soon.