Binder Home Inspections goes “Green” in 2018

Binder Home Inspections has been interested in greening the environment almost from our onset. Our initial interest was formulated when working as an eco energy inspector in the early years. This then turned into an interest when studying the Canada Green Building LEED standards. LEED is a recognized building standard to ensure the environment is foremost when constructing a new home. It takes into consideration, where the home is to be built (impact on surrounding environment), the materials used, where the materials originate, air tightness of build, and many other contributing factors. Not many contractors take this environmental approach to new construction within the Essex County area. In their defence, it is a strict building guideline to follow.

As a homeowner, I am sure that many are already knowledgeable in what they can do to promote their home as environmentally friendly. But, do homeowners take any steps to helping the environment? In my travels as a Home Inspector with Binder Home Inspections, the answer is infrequent! I may see a composting bin, solar panel array, and the odd water barrel but, as a community or a contractor new build, my observation is infrequent. Simple modifications can be utilized but, noticeably not many homeowners have taken the plunge. Even looking around your neighborhood, how many residents utilize a water barrel system? How about an irrigation system constructed of water utilized by roof water run off? How about a green roof? How many people even know what a green roof is? Where did your building products of your new home originate from? Were they shipped from overseas? How much fossil fuel was utilized to get these products to your newly dug foundation? Was the new development area backed up by environmental design? Was street lighting and heat island effect taken into consideration? Does anyone know what “heat island effect” is? Basically, the city is warmer than the country, due to activities effecting the warming of the area. Lighter coloured pavements and green roofs can lessen the heat island effect to the city. Many other factors can contribute to heat island as well but, let’s keep it simple.

A little contribution can go a long way. Similarly, as you would be donating to your favorite charity. Whether you contribute on a regular basis or maybe only at Christmas time, most people find the opportunity to give. There really is no one person that will knock at your door to ask to give kindly to your environment. Binder Home Inspections is knocking at your door. If you can set up a rain barrel, irrigate your garden with rain water, lessen the times you need to water your lawn, keep trees that shade your home from the hot Summer sun, planting foliage and plants that need less watering, install pavers instead of asphalt driveways, I think you get the idea. Binder Home Inspections is going to be vigilant in trying to help give ideas back to the public. We are sure that some of these ideas, you have heard before. We will be posting further ideas and how you can contribute environmentally to your home and your community on our website This will be your knock on your door…. Have a Green Day from Binder Home Inspections.

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