Be careful, it might bite you.

I had a number of topics for this publication, that were on my mind.. until yesterday. I worked for my Client as usual, booking, site inspection, and a few hours on the laptop and send my report. I started thinking about the Seller of the home my Client was interested in purchasing. There were a bunch of thoughts I was running over in my mind. Here is the basic scenario, the names of the characters are being changed to protect the innocent. The Seller – let’s call her Sally. Sally found out yesterday that her home is completely plumbed with Kitec plumbing supply system. Kitec, I am able to use the proper name, since this product is ridden with lawsuit. Sad to say, it is a Canadian product, that turned out to be extremely defective. Simply, there is a chemical reaction between the plastic polyethylene piping and the fittings for connection. Google Kitec and you will find a myriad of reasons as to the ongoing lawsuit with settlements being settled until 2020. Sally was upset to find out that her home inspector did not discover the Kitec upon her inspection approximately 5 years ago. Can you smell the lawsuit? Hope the inspector has up to date E & O insurance. Sally also put 1 + 1 together and remembered that the inspector was recommended by Sally’s agent. The inspector missing to report the Kitec is a travesty. The agent referring their home inspector is a travesty, and a conflict of interest. Recommending 3 or 4 inspectors to find the best one works but, please be leary, when you ask your agent, do you know of any good home inspectors? If they only throw out one company, ask for more. Conduct your due diligence. You may be happy you did. Sally is not happy. John Binder. Binder Home Inspections.

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