No Home Inspection? (Conditions).. Think About It.

No Home Inspection? (Conditions).. Think About It. The accompanying photo was found by Binder Home Inspections utilizing a moisture meter and infrared technology. Would you and your Real Estate Agent been able to detect this leak from a previously patched foundation crack? The defect was found by BHI and the wall was opened up after the discovery. The wall was then repaired properly prior to the final closing date. Still want “No Home Inspection” in your conditions? Remember, the drywall was still in place, freshly painted, and without BHI technology would probably have gone unnoticed until the mold would have appeared after closing. At that point, what is your recourse? Small claims court, and suing the previous owner for repairs and the court costs? Not to mention ripping the area after all of your belongings have been moved into this basement? This is only one of the defects that have been uncovered by BHI in the 11 years of Inspections. Binder Home Inspections would just like to remind you, that before you accept the condition of “no home Inspection” that you might think twice upon agreement. But, if you have accepted those terms, please give Binder Home Inspections a call immediately prior or after closing. Together, we can locate any major defects before the severity of the repair costs supersede your bank account. Call/Text 519-995-2067, Email, click or simply Google – Binder Home Inspections. Have a great day!

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