Buying A Home – Most Common Defects.

At Binder Home Inspections we identify a myriad of defects within our clients’ new homes. Some of these defects are simply repaired, some of them require hired contractors, some of them shy you away from the purchase. The most common defects often can be completed by the potential owners themselves or possibly hire a professional to complete the task. Either way, neither choice will defer our client from the purchase. However, there is still that chance of an extraordinary circumstance that may just make a client walk away. Let’s look at some of the most identified common defects that are common to your possible new home purchase.

Following may affect your foundation.

Clean your gutters.

Extend your downspouts (at least 6’).

Slope/Grading of the lot.


Clogged drains.

Older hardware – toilets, faucets, and shower heads.

Improper drain traps.


Ungrounded outlets.

Lack of GFCI – not present in bathrooms and kitchens.

Overcrowded distribution panel.


Older shingles with granule loss, cupping and curling.

Poor flashings at chimney, sidewall and valleys.


Lack of soffit/gable venting.

Poor caulking around windows and doors.

Unsealed crevices at driveway/sidewalk at foundation intersection.

Lastly, the equipment that supplies home comfort. Air conditioning units, furnaces, HRV (heat recovery ventilators), and water heaters (tank or tankless). Sometimes these units are past their lifespan, no longer energy efficient, and not operational at all.

If any of the above terminology is not understood, give Binder Home Inspections a shout. We will gladly provide the knowledge and education that you will need to make an educated decision. With people being shunned from the advantage to have a home inspection prior to their purchase, we will be there.

If you are able to book that home inspection prior to your most important purchase you will ever make, please contact us for your every need in making a qualified purchase. If you require our expert opinion on the home, you have just purchased, please contact us and make that appointment. Feel free to book online conveniently on our website as well –

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