Five Star Google Rating!

Owning a small business, is no small task. When Binder Home Inspections first came to fruition, I never thought, that it would not succeed. I guess that what has kept it going for Eleven years. Of course, success is measured by dollars and cents but, essentially just to stay in business for that long has been quite a feat. I have had the usual job movements that are evident in our society today. Working my way up in the bar business for 10 years, working in the casino environment for 11 years, and working heavy construction before my current venture. The best part of owning your own business besides the obvious, no boss (but myself), no punching a time clock, and no uniform or suit…. Is that you can watch it grow, like a plant or a flower. Looking back on the eleven years, Binder Home Inspections has gone through gradual changes. Like the plant or flower, BHI started with a small newspaper advertisement, myself going door to door at listed homes with business cards, and basically getting the word out. The business has not finished growing, yet. I have the choice of putting it in a bigger pot and maybe expand or keep it in its present planter and stay status quo. These are the decisions when operating a small business venture.
Anyone wishing to open their first small business venture is daunting. My advice to anyone thinking of a start up, is to keep it small and simple. Do not over extend yourself initially. Take what you can get, and don’t be greedy about chasing the money. It will come with the work and the effort. Marketing is still the backbone of any business. Have a classic marketing strategy, whether it is hitting pavement, hiring a marketing firm, or business flyers dispersed by your postal service. I guess, the hardest part is doing articles like this one and keeping your potential and present Clients up to date with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and of course your main website.
Binder Home Inspections is proud of the 5-star rating that it has with Google. About 5/6 years ago, someone left an erroneous comment with a 1-star rating which kept us at a 4.9 rating. This comment was not generated by a disgruntled Client but, most likely a competitor. Binder Home Inspections has always stood by its motto proudly of “Putting You, The Client First.” We have never waivered from that constant. It has meant not pandering to Real Estate Agents, which probably has put a dent in the black but, BHI proudly presents itself as a company that works solely for the Client with no undue pressure from Agents. Any questions regarding this article, whether you are formulating a start up business or looking for an inspection, please contact us through any of the contact sources – Text, call, email, Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, not just the newspaper or phone anymore!

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