Thinking of moving to the country?

There are many reasons to pick up and leave the city life, and head to that desired move to the country. Binder Home Inspections has witnessed many of our Clients doing so. Whether the idea was utilitarian, financial or the romanticism of leaving the city life. The reasons vary greatly, from wanting more property/acreage, fresh air, wrap around porch, or that romantic natural fireplace within the family room. How can anyone resist the idea of leaving the city to enjoy the quiet life, called the country life. It is an idea that has occurred to many of us at some point in time, even this Home Inspector has pondered the idea often. The following article will not try and talk you down from the ledge but, will point out some thoughts before making the decision to list and head to the fresh air home we have all dreamed about.

Binder Home Inspections is not about to comment on the romantic side of the decision to move, or how far the kids will have to commute to school and you to work. We are going to look at some of the aspects of the home/farmhouse that you may not realize when deciding to make this move.
Two of the biggest aspects of buying in the county/country is that of water quality and waste water dispersal. Keep in mind that water may not be supplied to you from the closest town/city. The water may be extracted from a ground well. Not only does the water need to be tested on a regular basis but, the pumping system to the home needs to be inspected regularly for proper operation. The regular chemicals not found in well water such as fluoride, may be desired but, for some may be a game changer. The well/water should be inspected by a professional well company prior to purchase. The other aspect buyers may not be considering is the possibility of a septic system being located on the property. The age of the septic filtering system and the accompanying septic field must be taken into consideration. The septic cisterns and the field should be inspected thoroughly by a reputable local septic company prior to purchase. You must be sure that the system is newer, older, has it been pumped out recently, is the leeching bed operating properly. Finally, does the entire septic system need to be replaced. Having a qualified septic technician inspect the system will give you an idea of yearly expenses of clean out, general maintenance, and the possible replacement cost.

Heating a farm/country home adds to the romanticism of living the country life. Nothing is more warming than having the glow of a natural fireplace during the cold of Winter. The following points out some of the realities. Does the home have a main heating source? Heat pump, geothermal, boiler, oil furnace, and maybe a gas furnace may be available as a primary heating source. (*Some county/country homes do not have natural gas available to the property line.) If none of these systems are available as your main heating source, then be prepared for lots of extra work in keeping the home warm. First and foremost, please have the natural wood burning fireplace inspected by a qualified WETT inspector (Wood Energy Technology Training) The inspector will insure that the throat and chimney of the unit is creosote free or if it needs to be swept. Is the chimney in good condition? Is the brick work in good shape or does it need re pointing? Does the chimney cap repel rain properly? Is there a rain cap? Binder Home Inspections can help you with these details. Don’t forget the annual stocking of the wood pile, as well as, cutting, chopping and splitting the wood!
The above paragraphs point out some of the most important factors when considering the big move to that home with the wrap around porch but, there are many other decisions to be made. Grading – does the property drain properly to a grey water drain, or to an accompanying ditch or pond? Is there a barn/workshop on the property that is properly serviced? What is the condition of the barn/workshop? Is the primary heating source in good shape? A repair to an aged Geothermal system can be extremely expensive. Binder Home Inspections can help you with the evaluation. As well as, the following important factors: roofing, plumbing, electrical, structural, insulation R-values, and the interior finishes of your new country farmhouse.

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