Iconic Homes – Days of Past?

The days of home architecture and creativeness seem to be making somewhat of a comeback. I am a Home Inspector by trade but, that does not take away the fact that I still have an eye for design. For some time, many of the homes that were designed here in Windsor, consisted of back splits with the turret and garage out front. That is when I noticed how boring the designs had become. Maybe, it was just the simplicity in the design that had made it affordable living space. But, does affordability, simplicity and blandness add up to that aged term “cookie cutter.” I grew up in a ranch style home in Riverside on the east end of Windsor. Many of the homes were styled similarly but, there were still differences notched in. Craftsman style between a ranch, maybe the odd back split and some owners went the extra steps and modified the exteriors with their own personal touches.

Now developers, not all but, some have decided to spruce up their architectural appeal with actual exterior design enveloped in their build. I have noticed that they have even brought back Frank Lloyd Wright’s craftsman style home. This is probably one of my more favourite designs along with the old farmhouse style. I feel that the craftsman is an iconic design that can be stretched to a great modern design. The main components of the craftsman home usually consist of the following: Tapered / square support columns, covered front porch with extended roof line, exposed rafters / beams, wood / brick / or stone cladding, lower pitched roof, and true Lloyd Wright fashion – leaded glass windows and built in furniture.

I know Home Inspectors are not supposed to comment on design and the makeup of the home but, it is nice to see that design is coming back. If you can add some flair to the design in your new build, why not add some curb appeal to both the structure and the design. Don’t forget to keep the green in your design of your new home. Always try and keep the environment in the back of your mind with your build. Ask your contractor as to what they are doing to make sure the environmental impact of your build is kept to a minimum. Contact Binder Home Inspections and ask what can I do to make my build a lower impact on the environment. Additionally, contact Binder Home Inspections if you would like to lower the environmental impact of your present home. It will lower the impact and can also save $$ back to your pocket!

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